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Institutes: / MDT at CERN / ATLAS at CERN / LMU chamber tests / X-Tomograph

MDT documentation: / Old MDT pages (2001) / engineering drawings / MDT outgoing / MDT installation photos

Our Software: / Using DQ2 at MPI
/ NtupleWriter and NtupleReader

ATLAS software: / Athena CVS / Athena LXR / Athena Workbook / Software validation / AOD content

ATLAS physics: / Physics Wiki / Dataset Browser / HiggsWG / A->\mu\mu CSC Note / HSG2: H->4l

Links to the talks: / Talk for Monday



FC Bayern der Teilchenphysik (FCBT Tipprunde): EM Championship 2008

External MeetThings (photo gallery): / Grill Party at the Feringasee / ATLAS-D Workshop Heidelberg /

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