Workshop on Energy Calibration
of the ATLAS Calorimeters

21-24 July, 2002
Ringberg Castle, Germany

Hosted by the ATLAS calorimeter group at
the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik, München

Photo of the Ringberg Castle

Workshop News

item June 27    Information about the train connection between Tegernsee and the airport is added
item May 17    Release of the updated version of the Bulletin no.1
item April 30    First announcement about the workshop

Aim of the Workshop

The ATLAS combined performance groups and the calorimeter communities plan a two-day working meeting to discuss calibration strategies for the Liquid Argon and Tile Calorimeters. The goals of this meeting are:

  1. Review, understand and evaluate the strategies employed by the various calorimeter working groups in ATLAS to achieve final energy calibration, especially with respect to calibration models used in presently operating large scale heterogeneous calorimeter systems (D0, CDF, H1);
  2. Generate a short-term work plan for implementation of calibration algorithms in ATHENA, to allow a somewhat realistic reconstruction of data from the upcoming Data Challenge 1 in each calorimeter module;
  3. Initiate a close collaboration between interested groups and people for calibration of the ATLAS calorimeters for "Day 1" of physics (and beyond) and integrate it and all follow-up activities into the present combined performance groups. The results of the workshop will be summarized and presented to the larger community as soon as possible.

The scope of the workshop has intentionally been limited to aspects beyond details of the calibration of the readout chain for certain detectors. Specifically excluded are issues related to electronics calibration. Discussed subjects will include final calibration of reconstructed calorimeter signal objects, which includes global strategies for combining signals from various calorimeters, and treatment of crack regions. Some emphasis will be put on the use of testbeam data and collision physics (in-situ calibration) for energy scale normalization, and the determination of the corresponding errors. Calibration of physics objects in specific final states is, on the other hand, beyond the scope of this particular workshop.

The ATLAS calorimeter group at MPI Munich welcomes to host the workshop at Ringberg Castle, which in its remote setting provides a productive working atmosphere.


Advisory Committee

M. Bosman     IFAE
J.B. Hansen     CERN
A. Kiryunin     MPI
P. Loch     Arizona
J. Pinfold     Alberta
P. Schacht     MPI
R. Stanek     Argonne

Local Organizing Committee

M. Aderholz
U. Grenzemann
A. Kiryunin
H. Oberlack
M. Schaber
P. Schacht

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