ATLAS Workshop
on Refinement of Local Hadronic Calibration
and its Application to Top Physics

Ringberg Castle

11-14 June, 2008
Ringberg Castle, Germany

Hosted by the ATLAS calorimeter group at
the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik, München

Max-Planck-Institut für Physik

Photo of the Ringberg castle

Aim of the Workshop

The ATLAS Hadronic Calibration group plans a three-day meeting to discuss in detail strategies to test, refine and iterate the local hadronic calibration method with the first ATLAS data. Here the focus is on tt(bar) events, top mass and W-mass reconstruction. The structure of the workshop should allow for extensive discussions rather than lengthy presentations.

Scientific Program

  1. Status of the Hadronic Calibration (pions/jets), present activities, open issues and next steps
  2. Validation of the Hadronic Calibration in beam tests, comparison of data with MC simulation
  3. Plans for the validation of the local hadronic calibration in situ using first ATLAS data: jet scale, W-mass, Et-miss
  4. tt(bar) selection, top mass reconstruction, QCD background, analysis tools

The programme will be organized in 5 half day meetings starting Wednesday afternoon at 16:00 and ending Saturday morning.


item The local Organization committee:
A. Kiryunin, S. Menke, H. Oberlack, M. Schaber, P. Schacht
item The home page for the workshop:


The workshop will be held at the Ringberg castle of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. The castle is situated about 50 km south of Munich in the resort area of Lake Tegernsee. It is ideal for small workshops with intense working and discussion atmosphere.

For information visit the "Ringberg Castle" home page.

reception    +49 (0) 8022 279 0
conference center    +49 (0) 8022 279 218

Participation and Accommodation

Accommodation at the Ringberg castle is limited to about 40 participants. Accommodation of the participants will be mostly in single rooms, 7 double rooms are available as well. The price for full lodging (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is 100.- Euro per day, i.e. 300.- Euro for the workshop (reservations are accepted only for the full workshop). If the number of participants exceeds 40, hotel accommodation will be organized in the vicinity:

Hotel zur Post    (bed and breakfast)    60.- Euro

The conference fee will be 30.- Euro for participants staying at the castle, for those staying at the hotel it will be 130.- Euro (lunch, dinner included).


A local train (BOB) connects Tegernsee, the town near Ringberg Castle, with the Munich main station in about 1 hour. You reach the main railway station from the Munich airport via local train (S-Bahn) within 40 minutes. For details see the "Ringberg Castle" home page.

We will provide a shuttle service from the Tegernsee railway station to the castle on Wednesday afternoon (14:00-15:00) and Saturday morning (9:00-10:00).

If you need a hotel reservation in Munich, visit the "Hotels in Munich" page.


The registration will be opened from the 25th of March (2008), the deadline is the 23rd of May (2008). Please go to the "Workshop Indico page" or directly to the "Registration form".

Workshop photos

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