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Year 2009 
Note 171 Electron Induced Signal in LAr gap
Note 170 High Rate Effects in the ATLAS HEC Calorimeter
Year 2005 
Note 168 LV Power Box for the HEC Front-end Electronics (Document for the PRR of the Power Board)
Year 2003 
Note 153 Tower Driver Board for the ATLAS Hadronic End-Cap and Forward Calorimeters (Production Readiness Review)
Note 149 Electronic Noise in the 2002 HEC/EMEC Testbeam
Note 139 Design Review for the Low Voltage Control System of the ATLAS Liquid Argon Hadronic End-Cap Calorimeter
Note 137 LV Powersupply
Year 2002 
Note 132 Irradiation Test of QL-chips for MPI Munich at Dubna Oct.2000
Note 127 Tower Driver Board for the ATLAS Hadronic End-Cap and Forward Calorimeters
Note 124 Preshaper for the Hadron End-Cap Calorimeter (Production Readiness Review)
Year 2001 
Note 118 Radiation Hardness Tests of GaAs Preamplifiers
Note 110 Reconstruction of Signal Parameters in the HEC Readout Driver
Note 109 Modeling of the HEC Electronics Chain
Note 106 CERN QC Tests for ATLAS/HEC Modules
Note 104 Performance of the ATLAS Hadronic Endcap Calorimeter Modules to Electrons and Pions from 1999 Beam Test Data
Year 2000 
Note 101 QC Tests of GaAs Preamplifier Chips
Note 094 Preshaper for the Hadron End-Cap Calorimeter (Design Review)
Year 1999 
Note 090 GEANT4 Simulation of the HEC Test Beam Data (Status Report)
Note 087 HEC Calibration System in H6 Test Beam Operation
Note 086 Setup and Software for ATLAS/HEC Low Voltage Board Tests (Status Report)
Note 083 Timing of Signals in Test Beam Setup - 99
Note 082 Assembly of the Hadronic Calorimeter Serial Module at JINR
Note 081 Description of HEC Absorber Plate Machining Quality Control
Note 076 Pileup Noise in Nonregular Bunch Structure
Note 073 Timing Adjustment for the HEC Signals
Note 072 TRIUMF HEC Module Manufacturing Procedures
Note 069 Endcap Hadronic Calorimeter Offline Testbeam Software. The hec_adc Package. Version 3.6
Year 1998 
Note 068 A Proposal for a Low Voltage Vacuum Cable Design for the HEC Feedthroughs in the ATLAS Endcap Cryostat
Note 066 HEC Cold Cables. Signal Shape Analysis
Note 065 Documents on the HEC Quality Control at IHEP
Note 064 Local quality control specifications for the assembly of HEC modules in a production line (English and German versions)
Note 063 Monte Carlo for the HEC Prototype: Software and Examples of Analysis
Note 060 ATLAS Hadronic Endcap Calorimeter. Module Manufacturing. Quality Control Specifications
Note 059 Hadronic Endcap Modules Zero: Pion and Electron Energy Scan Analysis from April 1998 Testbeam Data
Note 057 Spezifikation Signalkabelsysteme HEC Rearmodule
Note 056 Spezifikation Signalkabelsysteme HEC Frontmodule
Note 050 HEC Calibration-Signal Distribution
Note 047 Jet Energy Measurements in the End-Cap Region of ATLAS
Note 045 Read-out electrode production for HEC Module "0" at LPI
Note 043 The High Resistive Layer Options for the HEC Readout boards and EST boards: CLP versus CLK
Year 1997 
Note 040 Analysis of the Hadronic Test-beam Data, Obtained with the HEC Prototype in the Sept96 Run
Note 035 Endcap Hadronic Calorimeter. Testbeam Software Framework. A Proposal: The hec_adc package

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